The Company

PT. Power Telecom (PowerTel) is providing Indonesia with major information highway to ensure the world’s 4th most populous country and third largest democracy keep up with the latest. PowerTel’s decade old experience offers Indonesia’s most prominent investment and operation on optical fiber infrastructure. This Indonesia's Super Highway Corridor that covers inter cities backed with latest state of the art technologies and highest level service operations enables various services and contents to be delivered by our clients and partners who demand undisputed reliability.


“PowerTel aims to be the Indonesian principal enterprise in connecting networks.”

The world offers us plenty of opportunity, it is our choice to take them.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides us with the ability to grab every available opportunity. Borders are a thing of the past. Effective, efficient, and reliable ICT architecture will open up the doors to endless places and activities.

PowerTel is making every effort to see this happen. As each day goes by, mankind keeps moving on, but now it is moving into wider areas with greater efficiency and much higher hopes, without limitations.


“PowerTel optimally connect networks for the greater benefit of society through business initiative.”

Nature has taught us about utilizing all of the resources that it provides. We find all of the resources that we need and simply optimize them for better utilization. An optimally utilized infrastructure will reach more people that any other network. The resources have been developed over time and whether people know it or not, they touch their lives and their hearts.

PowerTel understands that in order to build the ultimate ICT infrastructure for the society, we must begin by optimizing those that are already part of the society itself.